About Latif

Latif was founded in 1992 and now our company is well known in Turkmenistan as a leader in international tourism. We have contacts with the best hotels and offer group discounts. Our reliable partners in neighboring countries can organize connecting packages along ?The Silk Road? from Istanbul in Turkey through Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tadjikistan and Kyrghizia to the Chinese border.

Our guides are professional travel agents experienced in giving the best customer service. Our agents speak fluent English and Russian. If necessary we can engage a guide who speaks French, Italian, or German to guarantee a truly memorable trip. All guides possess in-depth knowledge of Turkmenistan’s history, culture and geography.

Above all, we are keep up on all the very latest information of importance to our guests to ensure a safe, exciting and comfortable journey.

Latif offers the following services:

Visa support

The charge for obtaining a single tourist visa, valid for 30 days maximum, applied for at the Turkmenistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and confirmed by fax to our Embassy abroad, is US$30.00. We prepare the required letter of invitation for you upon timely receipt of your passport data (full name, date of birth, citizenship, passport No., expiration date, occupancy, address), exact dates of arrival and departure, and a detailed travel plan (entry and exit points, the cities you’ll visit). This cost is subject to change.

You also may obtain the same single visa in the Ashgabat International Airport for US$51.00, or on the Turkmenistan border for US$31.00, with the cost increasing to US$41.00 on Wednesday Saturday & Sunday.

Hotel room reservations

Transportation (in air-conditioned cars, mini-vans and coaches), including airport pick-up and drop-off
Dining in the best local restaurants
Excursions with English, German and French speaking guides

Booking and purchasing of tickets for all international and local air travel
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